Wednesday, April 13

The Writer

Hello Readers, lovers and... people(?)

A month waking up after my drug induced sleep, yet calling for another week for a haunted phantasm. Live a life! Nay, can't seem to. The phase is forever transitory. Going from one place to another, without knowing the destination. But life is an ever transitory phase. Guided from one sublime state to another. But it is in the transitions, that glass is half full.

Yes, can say my mood is happy, but can't seem to care. None-the-less. This might not call for a frequent post. No green flag, for all the poles have been broken. As a matter of fact, life is like a flowing river. We can't change the course, the currents and rapids are meant to occur. What we can do is, go with the flow. Rest... nothing better could ever be.

I am currently, working more on the philosopher me, leaving the warlocks of pen and paper to rest, and besides, as a writer I can't seem to get much happiness. Today, I shall introduce you to my dear alter-ego, "the Writer".

The Writer, is a bit of a lunatic. A crazy fellow. Consider, the Writer never combs hair, nor wears clean clothes. Often, the Writer, uncaring of one's vision, finds excuses to forget the use of spectacles (unless very grave call). As a matter of fact, the crazy Writer doesn't really seem to have a sense to differentiate between hot and cold, between clean and mess, between clear and unclear. In fact, the only sense a writer has active is to hear words, remember them, use them, give birth to them.

The dear Writer is a queer fellow. Never seems to be understanding what is wrong or right, but has an own opinion as a measuring scale, covering all of one's own faith count, often revolting against his other messy haired and terribly clothed friends.

A commoner's dictionary may be of 10,000 words but Writer's dictionary is of a 100,000 words and never ceases to hinder it's growth. That is because Writer is not a commoner. Writer never stops arguing, and is most often; a terrible speaker; for could one express in terms of spoken word, one needn't write.

The Writer wants to be misunderstood. It's the only way of proving oneself as the greatest of one's generation. Coming to think of it, any work which has been fully understood is criticised. That's why the Writer hates the one that was just written, and drives oneself sick working on the next. The only war the Writer wages with his fellows is to find the most complicated plot left out in the history to pick up, and the fact that the plot is mostly kept a secret, until published. Once understood, consider the mission to be failed.

The Writer is always told by the "well-wishers" that the vocation one chose is wrong. And that is what makes the Writer more committed to writing. It's one's only chance to be proven the greatest, to be the one to accept the gift of never being understood.

The Writer is always stereotyped. Is it hygiene or just the way one is dressed? Because clearly, the Writer doesn't care of the "fool's opinion" of life and has an off beat view to every minute detail.

The only work the Writer can not criticise is Ulysses. For this one work, no writer for generations to come can figure out completely, hence, the book remains still a hit, heating arguments among literates here and there.

My dear friend, the Writer. If one gets famous, one gets lost in transition. If one fails, one gets lost due to starvation. The Writer becomes depressed due to sudden setback, for one's books were never understood, and hence never appreciated. But convinced, that the Writer is the greatest of one's generation, the Writer celebrates with a toast. The best part, it's not just one toast. The Writer, if a good one, dies. The Writer, if a bad one, dies. In the end, every Writer dies.

So... That was all. I hope you might have appreciated my dear friend to the level one deserves for the hard work put forth.

The Displaced Frequency, looking forward to bring forth such interesting characters to you, time and time again. For, this is the one off-beat track. In Frost's word, "the road less travelled by".

Peace out!



  1. glad you are back.tell me this - "writer" is a part of you why refer it to as a "friend"? and yeah the blog is not appreciated because people(for example my bro)think that only people who are idiots and blah,blah,blah write blogs.even your friend circle might consist of such people and people that actually wish you to be the "Normal" person.remember this - your words will be heard.your thoughts will be thought upon.never stop.although the process is slow but it helps a LOT. peace!

  2. guess you must read this blog

  3. that pig! He's copying mera maal! Report Abuse to him, please. Oh, and also inform a few feminist activists to do the same. Thanks!


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