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A Fusion of Existence: Middle Void

Heys and lows readers and lovers!

The Displaced Frequency is expecting a critic (finally) apart from the appreciators and is hoping for the best, prepared for the worst (I'll get someone to actually tell me about what all I write here, and pretend that they actually "read" it. Counting the fact that I'm not an important writer as of now, and don't intend to be a writer, but just a seeker).

Now, whatever am I to talk of today? Let's see, I've talked of death, I've talked of unrest (and a lot of it), I've talked about the message of hope and faith and love, I've talked about what lies deep down under survival, I've talked of my biggest mistake and the road to self elimination.... What else have I to say? Well, it's the thirst to fill the empty spaces that drives the mankind to a step further. I mean, we wanted to fly, to fill that space in the sky left out by birds, we have planes and helicopters. We wanted to fill that spot left out by moon, we have sattelites. We wanted to fill that space left in this ever expanding universe, we have Space Stations. Coming to think of it, we seek a soulmate to fill the empty spaces left between our fingers and hence, we land up to this queer notion, called love. I can write helluva over the topic of love, but even Rambo has a romantic notion, so whatever we do, it's love itself. Even the love of hate is love.

Today, I talk of emptiness. And no, I'm not kidding.

(Random note: Okay, since I can't find words to start writing from, I open my friend's facebook page, browsing his wall and come across this pencil artist from Brazil. About some time ago, I left a message on the webpage of the greatest writer of Brazil's page. Maybe it's a sign. =) And by the way, if you are reading this, Thankyou. If you're not, doesn't matter. I still have hope to meet you one day, ever since I read The Alchemist.)

Now, nothingness is a very certain void. It's this space we have within ourselves, between the heart and mind, between the wrong and right. Void, is bound to exist. And it is there. The universe consists mostly of vacuum. Consider my uncertain head. I'm obsessed with civilisations and cosmology. No kidding, but it might seem weird, as Stephen Hawking being a religious saint. But somehow, the Naga Sadhu image of Hawking prevails. He worships the Universal law of Gravity by writing about in in The Grand Design. We may claim to be atheists, but we always have faith in something. Even if we have faith in the Nothing.

I mean, consider Inception (the greatest cinematic masterpiece). It talks of how human beings are uncapable of thinking nothing, and hence, it is easy to ellude them (this is my perspective).

There's a very popular chinese legend, that of Yin and Yang. Now, Yin's this feminine aspect. This really thoughtful energy. She is receptive, lying horizontally (in an obvious curved way) to the earth, absorbing. She is calm, moist, resting smooth and flowing. She's cool. Yin, symbolises earth and water. According to the legend of earth, the Earth is seen as a holy mother.

Yang is the masculine side. He's active, in a constant action. The process of evaporation, the vertical, stable and dried warm in the sun. Men are less receptive to feelings, Yang, evaporated is less receptive to all the factors it might affect. It's meant to rise.

It is due the fusion of them life begins; and they begin, from what lies within them. Between the two lies the void. And empty space. The Middle Void. Even in the perfect fusion, there remains a nothingness. Nothing is complete without it.

I'd like to quote Rumi on this:-
Outside, beyond the right and wrong, there lies a vast field.
We'll find each other there.
Let's get absorbed in this field of nothingness and find each other after losing ourselves. After, the surrender has manifested itself as a silent miracle, filling our hearts with peace and serenity.

Peace out!


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  1. neetzi this post is awesome!!
    loved the way you talk about the things we think are not imp. in such an easy way, making it worthwhile to sit and think after reading it!!! ....looking forward for many more posts!!! keep rocking!!! :)


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