Tuesday, June 29

Madness and The day...

Madness is a disease. A deadly one. A madwoman knows it better than anyone else. Yes, I know a lot of people call me crazy. Maybe, because I am crazy. I really am not concerned over it. I don't care of my craze. Practically because I am unconventional, unacceptable, and uncalled for. Generally people don't like to have me around. Treating me like a two minute company. And the same litany follows, "Neetz, you have beautiful thoughts... express them" or "you are so mature and childish at the same time" or "you seem so perfect"... Perfection is a lie if I can convey.

No one is perfect, because no one NEEDS to be perfect. Those who love us, love us. Those who hate us, hate us. Nothing we can do to change their opinion because if we do something, we are only fooling ourselves and the one who love us through and true.

It's really hard to let go off the anguish and the anger one has devoured for so long. Especially if it's been burning inside of you for far too long.

I am a person who can't pass a single day without reading the newspaper. It's something as important to me as breathing. I don't like watching news on TV. The news there is just dramatised. Plus, reading keeps the senses intact, especially reading on paper.

A few of the witnessed headlines that are going at the international level perked up my senses and sparked a bit of terror in my spine. Very un-linked, yet alike.

Washington supreme court issued the rights to arms to every US citizen. This is happening in a country, where there are average of 80 deaths a day and 34 homicides.

China's ant tribe and over crowded slums. University grads lead a life in a 180 square foot house with 3 at a time. These are some of the most comfortable accommodations they have access too.

Israelis, ignoring the admiration of their advancement in applied technologies; are invading the Turkish airspace. As if the Gaza stripe issue wasn't enough to be dealt with.

India's on the usual war with Naxals. However, theMaoists have left behind a deadbody (unlikely of them).

What I mean is, we see restlessness. Everywhere in this planet. The US militia's behavior in Iraq, especially to women and children. Main war is between the mouslem world's outcry to be spared.

A few bad seeds give the community a bad name. And no matter what our great leaders of "today" promise, we can never stop the bad seeds. Because, okay this one lot can be destroyed. What's the guarantee that there won't be another lot of bad seeds? If I need arms to make sure that I'd see the sunrise tomorrow, I am also aware to see what of the promised "social security" I have access to.

Yes, I have queer many ideas for a mad woman. Maybe that's the madness. I can see the world coming to an end.
"Aaj baazaar mein pa baajolaan chalo" or "Today, walk in the town square fettered in chains"
as Faiz had said some few ages back, we are walking indeed.

The age of technology, we're living in. We almost have access to artificial life, flight, travel over the forbidden areas. But we don't have access to walk without fear, or send the children of our house out to play in the distant corner of the streets without the fear of losing them.

The world is comming to an end. It's highly visible. But let this end be the last one, and we shall join our hands together to endavour a new beginning. As Socrates quoted,

"One day, every question shall be answered."