Sunday, February 15

Sad Single's Day (15th February)

Greetings Infidels,

Long time, no see, eh? Well, how was Valentine's Day for you scallywags? No, I am not jealous, in fact, I am delighted. To not to be a part of a gullible pretentious fake holiday, just because someone declared that you have the right to marry for love. Why? Why, you ask? Well, because he could have done the community a favor and abolished the concept of marriage. Think of it, wedding industry is overpriced and makes much more than actually necessary all year 'round. It would be of best interest of everyone to just do away with the stupid sad expression if "I love you legally". She wants the pre-nup, he wants the Abbeyway... Nobody's happy. So, can we move on?

Yesterday, world, there were people. Dressed. In shades of reds and pinks that didn't even exist till last year. Holding boxes in the shapes of anatomically incorrect hearts. Flowers of such beauty that belonged on a farm show. Women in shoes with heels that (like a ferrari) aren't fit for Indian roads. Chocolates mercilessly eaten but not for the love that the CHOCOLATE deserves as an entity. I wouldn't love anyone with half the affection that I have for chocolates. Seriously, how could you? Going out for fancy dinners to fancy places, basically, just blowing whatever's left of your pocket money.

It's a sad sad event in human history. And to be honest, world. A single as for myself is often questioned. "Don't you have a Valentine's date?" "How come nobody's asked you yet?" "What do you mean you don't believe in Valentine's day?" "Don't you want somebody?"

The answers (in the chronological order) are "No", "No", "I don't believe in it means I don't believe in it", and "What for?"

And this is the last time I am openly declaring: I am NOT a cynic. I believe in love. I grew up in a household of love. My parents are a romantic couple, you know, the kind that holds hand when they cross the road, and have occasional date nights just to keep the going good, he gave her eighteen notes of love for Valentine's day. My younger brother (he's not even a year old yet) had a date for Valentine's day. We're a warm loving romantic family. But being the most radical member of the family, it is hereby my duty to question this: "why?"

He spends a lot of time with her all year 'round, why not take account of that? He gets her gifts out of the blue, she gets him gifts out of the blue, they go shopping together, they eat together, and if he's away and the moment he's free he's on the call with her, there's a healthy amount of music in their lives...

I have seen love happen, and I believe that love's out there. I just find it stupid that suddenly on one day in the whole year people suddenly pay more importance to it than anything else, you know. While the ACTUAL day is the day AFTER Valentine's Day.

I mean look at this, my friend has this huge surprise for his woman, He's wearing a half heart T, expects her to wear the other half heart, he buys her flowers, chocolates, cupcakes, teddybears, she's looking pretty... and this morning they had a fight. Just because he forgot to say "Goodnight" last night. *shakes my head*

THIS is the day when Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band comes together to pass the judgement, "I hereby declare that upon your rejection, you are now eligible to be the proud member of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club, and now you may hear the band perform."

This is the day when bars are flooded, and somewhere Roy Orbison's singing, "Only the lonely". This is the day when Chet Baker must have composed, "I guess she's the one, but not for me." This is the day the rejects unite to wallow in self misery, and get over it.

You know why? Because love happens. And just because you got dumped on the most overrated day of the year, it doesn't mean that things are never gonna work out. They will. You know why? Because everybody loves somebody sometime. And it's gonna happen. I have seen it happen. It DOES happen. It's never a fairy tale, it's never a cloud in the sky. It's a lot of work. A lot of commitment. A lot of keeping heads off the cloud and on the ground. But at the end of the day, the real deal's all there is. And all that is that it takes to be happy.

And here's to my goodbye, and happy Sad Single's Day.

Much love,
Maggie May

P.S. Switching from Neetzi to Maggie. Lemme know whaddya think? Muchos amore! :*