Thursday, June 30

Silence: The Discipline

As I sit on the floor of my room lugging my eyes on the screen of this laptop. I wonder, do I seriously need to speak to express myself? Is my voice just another sound among a million others?

Hello everyone. Hope my previous post has been forgiven and forgotten. It will take me some substance to make up for such smack, but I will try my best to bring forth something at least good.

Silence is beautiful gift, a surrender, a sense of control. Silence, in terms is who we are. There is a vast expanse, a sea of humanity before us. We are one among them. Most importantly, we are one among us. But it's no just one, it's many one. A lot of times, we have a thought, and just seconds later, there is a counter thought, and then a third party view!

In my view, it's important to silence that inner noise, bring forth a calm, a serenity, something that's born inside. A better phase of the Aatman. I would put forth an example. A Buddhist monk can practise silence for months. He/she does have a whole monastery of animated life, and is very animated him/herself, but there's a very different, a very natural animation in each movement. These monks are trained to practise silence in the long terms. They have successfully gained control of the inner noise. That's a very real definition of discipline; that which comes from within, not that which has been forced upon us, or that which we do by hindering.

Alright, I know, I know, the practise of silence may also seem like hindering oneself, but when you have taken a vow to be silent by your own will, and can't seem to keep it, I would suggest you to start with a few minutes, then a few hours, and if you feel that there's not a need to talk, or are alone, you may try a day. Just be sensible and think about it, ninety per cent of the things we say in a day are pure buckets of poop. If we poop as much as we talk uselessly, we leave behind a lot of heaps of shit to be acting as manure, and that much of manure, my friends only spoils the crops going on the soil of our mind.

The art is not in what to think or how to think. It's to stop thinking when you don't want to, stop talking when you don't need to, stop all this noise from being accumulated and creating the negative energy all around.

Silence can be best learnt from a musician. They give their voice long hours of rest, train it as much as it requires, but use it sensibly. They know how to communicate without words. Sure, talking is a very good means of communication, but once it goes beyond a certain extent, it becomes an addiction, and that addiction causes mind to wander, to think without desire, to wander, to get lost, to drift, to view, and to form a counter view!

Now I talk of to many people, who are trained, who control, and who are not the old fashioned ne'er-do-wells as ourselves. I'll bring another character, apart from the Writer, my dear dear friend. This dear friend is The Student. She is frustrated, tensed, scared, and irritated like any other student for no obvious reason. Our dear student boards the morning metro, meets her friends, talks crap, goes to school, talks crap, goes to cram school, again talks crap.... What happens about it? She is frustrated because she thinks to much. She thinks too much because she talks too much. And then she gets lonely. Because she is addicted to talking, she needs someone to talk to. She can't be silent. And this isn't just the student, it's your colleague (Sam, I guess), or your mother's dear friend, a mohalla gossip queen (Pammi Aunty). Hell, it's everyone around you!

Why make it a problem? Enjoy being Silent! There's nothing wrong in it. We don't want to be the student, talking because there's noise inside, because there's no space for silence, to place for vacuum to exist in the universe! Imagine how close we are to mental breakdown, to a black hole, to something which not only absorbs us, but also destroys us. Save your dear soul! It's who we are, sentient beings, who have a pure side to ourselves. And silence, being a virtuous trait, brings us a step closer to ourselves.

Peace out!



  1. Well said Neetzi. Speech is silvern, silence is golden. Love

  2. Hi There, I Hope You Dont Mind, But I Used One Of Your Images Here, If You Have A Problem, Kindly Send Me An Email, So I Can Remove It.

    BTW, Its A Great Post Here (Silence) :)


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