Thursday, September 23


Friends, lovers, and readers... Lend me thy ears! Okay, eyes rather. But whatever...
An eye for an I.
What an IDEA sirji!

I am officially back, and... well, not like I was away or anything. Whatever, I just haven't been on. That's about it. I am in particular, both, happy and bummed. Happy because I don't know why... bummed because I can't figure out why I am happy. But then again, the world's a merry go round. The higher it gets, the merrier it is. And such is life dearies. Now over the last month, I added my mum to my facebook list, I can't seem to be active on facebook much and my mum's actually getting friend requests from my friends. (Go figure). Actually, the fact that I have the coolest mother on the planet.

Today the Displaced Frequency shall write only for the sake of writing as the topic I am going to be focusing on isn't actually worth attention as it is prone to commotion.

The Babari Masjid-Rama Mandir issue verdict is delayed (again) in the supreme court. When BJP was in power, the archeologists (unfortunately) discovered Ayodhya (The birth place of Sri Rama). Now at that moment, the Hindutva party (a.k.a. BJP) had removed the Masjid from there and made a Rama Mandir instead. Couldn't Sri Rama live in a masjid instead? He was Maryada Purushottam (the most pious man) after all (or so claim the scriptures)... I am damn sure he wouldn't want people to be switching their fate over something so irrelevant as a place of worship, as all religions claim God to be omnipotent.

Now this is what the government in action back then should've done: call in legal people, have a mandir next to masjid, that's about it. There we go, unity and dignity. Yay! Everyone happy! But no, they HAD to remove the masjid; cause a controversy; and bring on riots. Seriously, rips apart my nerves (in anger, obvious).

Actually, politics is a very manipulative institution. A very famous chain letter (most are junk, some are good) from the Bush era:-

President Bush went to an elementary school to speak to grade 5 students.

After glorifying the United States, and why they have the best country in the world (in theory), he asked if any child had any questions. Little boy Mark raised his hand. President Bush asked him his name and question.

The timid little boy Mark said, "I am Mark Mathhews, Mr. President sir... And I have a few questoins. Why did U.S. attack Iraq without the approval of U.N.? Where is Osama? And why does the U.S. support Pakistan so much?"

Mr. President Bush sir, complimented Mark, "you are indeed a very intellegent boy little Mark." At this point, the lunch bell rang. "Okay kids, we'll talk later after the lunch break."

After the lunch break the kids assembled in their class with President Bush standing in front of them. "Does anyone have any question?"

Another timid innocent hand went up. This time it was little girl Susie. "Mr. President, sir my name is Susie G. And I have 5 questions. Why did U.S. attack Iraq without the approval of U.N.? Where is Osama? Why does U.S. support Pakistan so much? Why did the lunch bell rang before twenty minutes? And last, where is Mark?"

And such is politics. Today it's God to blame, and God knows who tomorrow. Untill then

Peace out!

-Yours truly
Oh! I almost forgot to mention about the photos. They are taken from a construction site near my cramschool. I find it pretty cool of how life can be so different and hard for some people and they cary on without knowing if anything better exists. It's as if they are living in that moment as a whole. Living up to the max best. That's pretty awesome. Respect to them, and I shall (try to) study pretending that nothing better exists. We all do find people to look up to, to respect and regard. Cheers! Oh that, and the last photo is my footstep casted in my own shadow. I walk a little faster than normal people when I am to walk alone so... This is the clearest image I can get of myself. (When I am undergoing displacement).


  1. really good but leave the people alone on the religious matter.there WILL be people to create such can't be stopped.such incidents will continue to take place.according to me only science can disprove religion.if this happens then a change may take place.but god's presence is still a question mark.

  2. the issue u discussed is damn serious.....and GOD isn't to be blamed....its we humans who make such rules..and we are the only ones' destroying humanity!!!

  3. @Paran: Thanks for your views. Well, yes after all life is repetative (that's why we get bored of living). And science according to me would bring back the days of aryanism. I'll write about it soon too. =)

    @Pooja: It's not me blaming God. It's the one who is blamed by the atheists. Humanity is after all made up of "human"-s.

  4. Haaa! I have read that chain-mail! It was witty, and quite provoking...:)


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