Tuesday, August 31

Pandora's Box and the Day "Hope" lived

"I read the fuck out of every book I can get my hands on"
is the quote written in a T-shirt walking ahead on me. In the nerd's paradise, and a bookaholic's dreamland, these T-shirts aren't so weird. In fact, as I see this T-shirt walks me by, I feel like buying one. Of course, in a different color. Anyway, I'm getting deviated from the point.

My point is not the least bit in regard with books, rather with Greeks. The Greek mythology. Who doesn't know the story of Prometheus? Yes, the one who stole fire from the Gods only to hand it over to the mortals? To those who don't know, the story is as follows:-

The Gods created the Iron Age of mortals, far less superior (completely incompetent and inferior, rather) so as to be superior from the humans in all forms. They (Gods) possessed the gift of fire (i.e. knowledge) and one of them was Titans, who was of the almost human shape. Far more intellectually superior and went by the name, Prometheus.

He stole the gift of fire from the Gods and handed it over to the mortals.

Zeus (the king of Gods), who was furious for such treachery, punished Prometheus by tying him to a rock and having a giant eagle eat out his liver which grew everyday only to be eaten. Another punishment to Prometheus was the creation of Pandora, the first woman. (In every cult, woman is symbolic of a sin to men).Pandora was made out of earth (i.e. Nature, symbolic of woman) and hence was given gifts (i.e. qualities a woman possesses). She was sent off to marry Prometheus' brother. On her way she took along her box which she was forbidden to open. But like the Eve from the Bible, curiosity got better of her and she opened her box leaving all the evils fly into the mortal world, however only hope remained inside.
I have been very hopeless off late. But as I read this story, I think I regain what I have lost. Why (a word favored science) does hope remain inside? I know now, so that there's a silent assurance, a wait, an illumination only on the inside. Hope can move the mountains. Hope is what it means to be alive, and hope is why the sun rises every morning, and why the bud flowers. I have found hope now, and not to lose it ever.

Now as hope moves mountains from my life, I can see a sun rising from my horizon, and a step going towards my Maktub.




  1. Nice read....I've never been really into Greek Mythology, recommend me some good stories from there, will you?

    Hope is the basic foundation of every action, all the wait, cuz after all, hope lasts till life ends....:)

  2. Thanks Srishti. Oh you can start reading from anything of preference. I'd reccoment beginning from Memphis and Tethys, for that is the creation.

    And yes, I agree. That's why hope never escapes from the box of Pandora. =)


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