Tuesday, October 12

Hare Krsna

Krsna conciousness movement is taking place involuntarily on you. I swear, it's the truth!

By the way, hey everyone! Had an awesome exam sickened week, preparing for another sick class week next. First you take science, then you take insomnia, then you take health problems, and then you graduate. Damn it! Life is paranoid. But still beautiful. Isn't that why we're still alive? At least that's so in the words of a friend I got to talk to after a long long time.

Krsna conciousness is an initiative by ISKCON, an organisation which is currently running AMAZING offering hope and life to many in the form of God and prayers under His Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupadhya. What's really amazing about them is that this guy, has worked with George Harrison, and many pioneer rockers of 70's, particularly the phsycadellic ones (which is indeed awesome).

How did I find it? Well it so happened some last month ago, mum was gonna drop me to school, as usual, in her car. She turned on the radio and there were chants you know... No not those ultimate hulladbaazi (noisy in a Ted Nugget way) chants. But a choir softly singing to the sound of a single acoustic guitar,
"Krsna Krsna Chaitanya
Krsna Chaitanya
Hare Krsna Hare Rama
Rama Rama"
And really that sounded like some acoustic soft rock riff which stays with you and keeps a certain smile even on the though of that. That was my first encounter to Krsna. When I came home, I tried to find that one particular. I ended up downloading a George Harrison album called "The Radha Krsna Temple" which had some REALLY good ones but not the one that I was looking for. I just can't find that particular version. But I did found some really cool facts on the Krsna conciousness movement.

For example, it all started with a Hinduism book gifted to him in Bahamas, and the quiet Beetle (George Harrison) gave some really amazing songs. Stuff like My Sweet Lord.

(Notice the Hare Krsna)

Try Reciting it at least once!

The japa of the Mahamantra, also known as the Hare Krsna mantra in popular culture actually induces happiness. Really, first it comes out of the well-it's-funny feeling. Then it goes to a this-sounds-somewhat-cool syndrome. Then it goes like, well-it's-fun stage. And then you feel happy about it.

The meaning of Krsna is all attractive. Wow! No wonder the Gopis were always fascinated with him.

Sri Krsna is the manipulator of right and wrong, the void between man and God, and the God of nothing. That's the imperfection in him, that he is so perfect.

No, I do NOT work for this movement, but just it fascinates me that people have been praying Krsna without knowing who he is. I do not worship him, but I just respect him and wish to see what Krsna's most raw state must have been. I am currently reading the SrimadBhagwadGita, which is a dialogue between Sri Krsna and Arjuna before the war of Mahabharata. Now, I know it's mythologic, but there's historical evidence to that. Moreover, 95% of the things in the scriptures are highly personified and waaaaaaaay to metophoric. For example, the god of skies closed the clouds so that the Kauravas thought it was getting dark and time to stop the battle. However, it was just a lot of horses running therefore creating a sand cloud.

Srila Prabhupadhya has a lot to offer on Krsna. Try googling him, you'll find a HECK lot of interviews, and go through some. You'll be fascinated, perhaps as much as I am.

That's pretty fascinating litterally, cuz Sri Krsna is what we all consist of, and what we all make together.

-Peace out!



  1. Sri Krsna is something so divine that even George Harrison knew that it won't take long. Good Job! Hare Krsa!

  2. That's so cool that you came to Krishna like that.

    Krishna consciousness is all about being happier.

    I like your posts.

    May you always be happy by remembering that it's your original constitutional nature.
    Bhakta Stefan from Canada

  3. Okay... wow... didn't really expect so many people to read me. =P well thanks for the comments, keep em' commin, they're always welcomed here as the Displacedfrequency is always and always open to criticism. =)


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