Sunday, April 25

A little intro

Taking my inintials in greek, N and D become nu and delta. Since greek and physics have a confusing but unbreakable bond, nu is frequency and delta is displacement. There you go, frequency of displacement.

Now people have reasons for the world's most unconventional names. I'd quote Chandler Bing (from Friends) "that's nothing, I had an uncle named Bottom." Human race always found unconventional either stupid or funny, and being "normal" has become a priority.

Considering my name, Neetzi, it's funny too. Actually sometimes name makes who you are. As for me, goofy and cool. My fam's really cool, ma's the world's best cook and dad's the world's second best cook. My cousis are in a way my best friends. And my friends, they just could be sooooooo better!!! (haha)

The other day I was reading a friend's blog... So I thought, why not? Here you go, I have a blog now... So for now, I'd be the kind of person with nothing else to do but update my blog every week, read comments (if anyone cares to actually post) and enjoy all the... whatever you'd call it (commotion?). Practically dull and boring, if nothing interesting and cool.

Peace out!


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