Sunday, April 25

Law of club and fang

Before reading, the following equations have some relevance. That is, IF you chose to read.

Creatures. Alive. Fang. Savage. Club. Human.

Arranging in a proper sequence to equate it,

Creatures= Alive

Fang= Savage

Club= Human

Human+Savage=ADVANTAGE of Club over Fang.

After reading Call of the wild, a savage, however tamed or trained, doesn't belong to us. In the end it is called by wild. The thought process around London is that he himself has been away from the society almost all his life. He knew the human society, "law" and the inorder of order. Yet he chose to be away.

Not my inspiration, I don't own anything. Maybe that's why somewhere, I am the indirect reason for this law.

Embarrassment fell on Buck with his first snow. 'Tis purely Jack London. No other man can ever put something so trivial in such an exactly real and free manner. The evolved savage, and the mechanised cannibals need to know a lot. Firstly, chosing "Buck" as the hero of the story... hats off to him.

They often mention Darwin, Survival of the fittest. But they often do forget the law of artificial selection.

Maybe, we too are often called by the wild. Maybe, there's a Buck in all of us.

Yours Truly,

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