Monday, April 26

The Developed Cannibal

chash-e-nam jaan-e-shorida kaafi nahi
tohmat-e-ishq-e-poshida baqi nahi
aaj bazaar mein paa baajola chalo

These words are from one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite authors, Faiz. In simple english, these words mean

moist eyes, sacrificed lives aren't enough
the love nurtured privately isn't enough
today walk in the town square fettered in chains

Maybe Faiz saw it before us. As many say, this was written by Faiz on the condition of Pakistan when democracy was disembled. Faiz, on the contrary, was a communist. In my view, Faiz, from this poem, predicted our lives today. We all are prisoners in the drape of a free citizens. What is law but imprisoner of self will? We need laws, only if we are vulnerable to others. So what makes them say that the laws are sufficient?

Today, the Times of India, one of the leading newspapers, says that US president Barrack Obama has given a nod to the missile which can hit anywhere from anywhere in one hour, even at an altitude above 350,000 ft! Don't we have enough destruction machines? Yes, the modern day free citizens are all walking fettered in chains with fascist rulers blind as justice itself (as many say in hindi, Andha kanoon or blind justice).

Although the Thinking Tree suppliment yesterday, says that "testosterone" hormone is responisble for wars. Well, that person HAS to witness something called back "bitching" and "cat fights" if that person is too obsessed with "dog wars". No gender particularly is to blame. HUMANITY has lost it's value for human rights (as if it had any).

Comming back to the one hour missile, what's the guarantee that only Osama will be killed? I mean, it could strike anywhere and maybe kill someone innocent.

Nazis were German, and Einstein was German. Does that have to mean that Einstein was a Nazi? Well, destroying the whole race of Pashtun speaking people doesn't have to mean all the terrorists were killed.

Maybe this weapon of mass destruction isn't such a bad idea. Maybe it will kill Osama. Then what? Our great world leaders would successfully save us from terrorism, with nothing else to do. Or maybe they'll bread another Osama for their little "hunt" and push over their nuclear experts to design some more "mordern" weapons and finally when they'll be tired of this, they'll start a war.

The truth is Homo sapiens can NEVER get enough. We enjoy others' miseries as it makes us feel that we're in a much better position.

First the human tribes fought with animals of the wild, displacing them, causing extinction. Mother nature also gave them a bit support and gave them control of the world. Now they are showing their "human" nature and fighting withing their own species for a better space and an upper hand. Mother nature was wrong. Even with our stomach fill, with our skins covered, with a roof over our head, we can NEVER be in harmony with all around us.

Rare species are still being hunt/poached killed, Human traficking still going on, victims of domestic violence, other violence, drug abuse, sex abuse are still demanding justice, wars still going on, leaders still manipulating public, people still commit suicides, and the circus goes on with one, but one ring master in the middle leading us through. We are still unaware of the spectators.

Stephen Hawkings, one of the world's leading scientist has proposed that aliens exist and might be among us. Maybe they enjoy the human circus of mordernised cannibalism.

Inorder to convince myself, that this moment, I am leading a happy life knowing that all my loved ones are safely alive and those who are not are at a better place than here,



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