Friday, April 13

On Feminism

Step raaaaiiiiiight up folks, we got some business coming up. Don’t miss this show for anything cuz you’re eyes are all there to see the clown with the poise, NEEEEEEEEEETZI!

I kind of like circus and clowns. =P

Hello folks,

Why I like clowns? Because they are entertaining, they don’t care how ridiculous they are and what not? So, a friend and I were having this conversation. She was kind of sad that I’m on my writer’s block side, again. Of course, it’s the lack of content that drives me to this side of the line. So she says feminism. Alright, the first thing which comes to my mind is “female chauvinism” because that’s the take it becomes at many annoying moments, but yes, this issue is still strong.

I mean, well, I’m not a feminist. In the lines of the gender race, I don’t support anyone. I’m supportive to whose write, because everyone has a right to a valid opinion. In fact, in most cases both are right. However, it’s kind of exasperated. I mean, let’s face it, women get raped (even nuns!) and monks are forced to see disgrace. Things are on for both sides of the gender. More vividly and more sad for women, though.

It saddens my heart to see that people don’t care anymore. Bad things happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. I mean, we spread awareness for an issue, and damn, all those who can read/ write/ hear/ see/ understand/ feel know what they have to know, yet there are some goddamned things we cannot help. In many countries women don’t have right to vote. In my own country girls are killed the moment they are born.

We live in this world where women are taught not to be raped instead of teaching men not to rape. And IF it so happens that a woman gets in trouble, there’s this excuse that “she asked for it”. Well, okay, if she was outside a nightclub passed out, and in the red light district, maybe she shouldn’t be that drunk, but what about that Buddhist nun who was raped in Nepal? And here’s the heart of religion, she isn’t allowed to be a nun anymore!

I live in Delhi, and I hate it (more than any other place in the world), because they say that I’m safe if I get out of house before eight in the evening. After that I’m on my own. So, which means, If I’m out at seven fifty five in the evening, my safety is taken responsibility for, however, at eight five, it’s not. Isn’t that actually kind of the local security force?

My childhood passed in tranquility and peace of all the goodness in the world. My parents didn’t commit that crime of telling me fairy tales. They kept me on extremely kind and real ground level and I have been brought up under the goodness of the kindest of the moral obligations. I’ve been taught that look at the moment, the feel and then take my own decisions. I was never given a book of rules commanding what’s right and what’s wrong. Somehow, the fact that I’m in the world’s greatest democracy, and I’m only taught to be “in my limits because I’m a girl”, isn’t quite right.

I never support feminism, no matter how many atrocities are committed upon women. I have a valid point. Women suffer because they want to. They never raise a voice. They never set the limit, in the first place. They entertain a man’s ego and foster the damned beast. After all, why do they allow themselves to be dominated? Her idea of love becomes his idea of dominance and thus, the world goes on. She fosters the monster, feeds his ego, waits till it becomes a balloon, leaves him rampant on other women to suffer, and then cries silent tears on her own servitude gone waste. She wouldn’t leave, she just can’t. She has moral obligations, parents, society, kids. blah. The bottom line is, she’s NOT willing to take her own damn stand, and that’s where the feminist workers come. Really women, why do you have to be so insecure? Why can’t you just kick those nuts in the first place?

Anyway, I know this futile argument always trails off here. But here’s my last line, “you do NOT have to live like this. Period.”



  1. Valid points. Put across very well. However, passing the blame to men (or women) won't help. The social fabric is torn, structure broken, trust breached. Haven't you heard about cops & army committing the heinous crime? Or father or uncle raping the family girls? Who'll protect? Only thing one can do is to play safe, protect oneself, as much as one can.

    God bless!!!

    1. I'm not blaming men. Come on, even men aren't safe in this day and age. And yes, newspapers carry all kinds of stories (which I thankfully cannot relate to). The thing is, that (as I have previously mentioned), women continue to suffer due to their own insecurities. They "allow" themselves to suffer.

  2. First of all, i'm quite pleased and relieved that a woman of your intellect is not a feminist. as far as the security of women is concerned, it can never be the responsibility or the duty of a woman herself. women need to be protected and cared for. it is axiomatic. and as far as the "fact" that you live in the "world's largest democracy" is concerned, all i can say is that you are living in a mere delusion of a democracy. democracy is a fallacy in this country. India functions and governs entirely on FEUDALISM which is well concealed in the garb of democracy.

    1. Alright, feminism? Really, we have enough minorities all around. Women do need protection as in a physical sense, but they're the ones who don't show up for self defence classes. Now, democracy is an overrated term. Look at the past of humanity: It was, and is all written in blood and gore. Wars, man. Minorities and divisions, and terms, and tags, and things. The world is a Feud. Period. However, the universe is indifferent. Peace.


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