Monday, April 9

Just another conversation

This blog consists of poorly written first drafts, secondaries which are meant to avoid, grammatical errors and many other things. And it makes me feel rather grand (in an overrated way) that I’ve still not been corrected. That means my material is so strong, that the style of writing is ignored. Well, can I be a good writer now?
Anyway, I had read this fact somewhere that while writing our brain processes at the rate of five hundred words per minute, while talking, it is a hundred thiry five (or some such) words per minute. Thus, best conversations (in my case) happens in therms of texts.

So, I had this conversation with someone on an open forum:-
Koj Toa: "Neetz I though you gave up two posts ago. But in order to clarify things around here I shall say this:

Every person is unique in his or hers own way. This is true because everyone of us (humans) has a different life experience and looks at life with a certain view. Even though views can be categorized (optimism, realism etc.) every certain person is very very different from the next one. We may do the same things. But we don't do them with the exact same mind-set. :)"

Neetzi Delta: "Кој Тоа I allowed myself to be judged/ categorized/ whatever-ed. To think I'd do something like that? NEVER. That, dear sir, is a crime against my own being."

KT: "Neetz Fedora D Well of course people are going to judge. It's in our very own nature to do such things. Look at it this way. We are nature at its finest; we are nature that has become self-aware. Can you understand the implications that this attitude will bring? First among many, trees are like brothers to us, because when it all started it was one organism that spread and went on separate paths. And life on this whole planet came into being from just one organism that evolved. So it’s safe to say that we are part of this organism that is the planet and all life on it.

Dear lady, the above text might not mean anything to you. But, understand this. People are going to judge... Why you might ask? Well it's really simple. When people judge, they are judging themselves. They are describing themselves to themselves. When you say that someone is mean or nice or whatever. You are expressing whatever is inside you to the other person. But mostly you express it to yourself. As you will soon discover that every word you say during your day is of great help to bring about greater understanding of oneself. So actually it's okay to let people judge you or anyone else, because in that way they can realize for themselves who they actually are. Hope you enjoyed reading this."

Neetzi Delta: "Кој Тоа You got some wisdom. =) One word in reply, but after this diatribe: Writing (as you might know) is my fortay. Off lately, I've been trying to follow this trail called aniconism. But, here's a twist. I'm not judging/ describing/ doing anything to the character, yet readers make an extreme mindset (which is correct as to my imagination) that what the character looks like. It's fun, really. I don't write for a specific audience or something, neither am I perfect in my art, for art holds no pedestal known as perfection. But yes, describing detail without describing it needs vast knowledge of expressions and feelings and insights.

Word is: Jung. This one guy, told us to rise beyond judgements inorder to focus on what "eyes cannot see". Bible mentions that the blind can see. What they see is a deeper insight. I'm not Christian, but knowing things gives a vast scope of application. Without judgement, we only broaden our horizons.

In case this prolonged diatribe curtails further conversations, I wish you well."

Anyway, I haven’t checked that bit yet. But I enjoy a nice conversation which involves some thought. Really, I don’t know why I’m sharing it. But yes, it’s something which was cherished at that particular moment. I mean, all right, as I describe diatribes, I believe that they curtail responses. I say so, with a valid reason: I lose the gist of conversations while leading a general path to the forbidden foray. Since vacations have brought an obvious writer’s block, all I have to offer is this conversation, and begging for some ideas: WHAT TO WRITE? Really, any bizarre, obvious, weird, not-all-that-weird advice SHALL be taken. I’d accept all challenges. ;)



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