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I am currently going to a coaching institute; apart from school, and my coaching is at Brilliant Tutorials. To those not familiar with this "coaching" having nothing to do with school, it is something like a cram school: a sort of training school to enable the students meet the higher goals of a particular entrance exam or some such goal. Brilliant currently trains students for IIT entrance/ AIEEE/ PMT. I have joined it for IIT course preparation. No, I don't know if I want to join IIT. I have no thoughts on future. I am a person who lives in today. What the future holds will unveil itself at the right time. No point in running after it. All we can do is lead a good life in the moment.

My math class on friday has taught me a valueable history lesson. Valueable because knowledge is never worthless, and the more you know, the more it helps. Our math teacher, often deviates from the topic going on in the class inorder to explain something relative to that particular topic. He was teaching us the benifits of knowing the smallest bits and pieces of details on no matter what. And we were introduced to PEPSU.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Former Home Minister of India

When India gained independence in 1947, it was divided into small kingdoms. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel used to be the Home Minister during that time. He was often considered as the "Iron Man" of India. While re-uniting the kingdoms inorder to form a country, he has said to have made negociations with the rulers. It was, at that time, given option to join India, Pakistan, or form an independant state. This particular man, did negociations with the rulers such as, leave the states, or we shall attack. In fact, this demanour of his was enough to inject fear in the heart of ruler of the state which we now know as "Haryana".

Patiala and East Punjab State Union
History has it, that originally India didn't have so many states as it now has. "PEPSU" is the collaboration of Patiala district ,Barnala district, Bhatinda district, Fatehgarh district, Sangrur district, Kapurthala district, Mohindergarh district, Kohistan district.The summer capital was Srinagar and the Winter capital was Patiala.

Now the roads of Punjab see two kind of busses. PEPSU and Punjab roadways.

The purpose of introduction to this bit part of the brief history isn't pure trivia, it is that a few years ago, Punjab was one big state. And a few more years ago, the Earth must have been one huge home. Why then does the originaton and division seperates us yet again and again?

Often it is seen that we are seperated either by language, color, religion, origin and certain things of irrelevence. Whenever the pigeons see each other, do they as from where the other is before sharing a bowl of water some kind soul must have left for them? Then why do we ask before inhibiting the same relation for each other?


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  1. i too feel d same way...
    i fear if dis keeps on goin lyk dis...v r nt far frm d day..we'll fite wid our own loved ones..n tht day ..d humanity will b on d verge of death..n i likd d way u xpressd it at d lst..
    gud wrk..
    keep goin...!


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