Friday, May 21

The Raising Darts

Of course, student life is one point of time which is the best to enjoy. Probably because we have no tension of earning a living, making ends meet, no security or anything as such. BUT it is also the most sickishly annoying time of life. Especially when the results are over head. Now, this season is all about result related jokes, subject requirement, requirement of the subject requirement and so on.

India is ALL about doctors and engineers. So it's always science. Medical or Non-medical. Oh and another option is Commerce. These are majority options. Actually most students opting for Non-medical end up getting a corporate job, hence, not making any contribution to the world of science.

A friend of mine sent me a few (actually a lot) result related pathetic jokes regarding the deadly six letter word is dreaded in every student's life: RESULT and that's the education system based on. Fear, mug up, diarrhoea and constipation.

Now that the deadly days are closing in by and the nights are getting restless, doomsday is near and so are the darts rising. On the students' head is an apple. Everyone have darts in their hands and are aiming for it. Let's see who survives.

Best of luck for the result. =) Be happy guys, some of us are going to the new class and some are getting the nostalgic nausea of the same old classroom. Nah! We all would do good.

I don't fear the result. Actually, what happens is that many of the students who fail, or are not able to get admission at a particular school/college, or get a particular subject commit suicides. And the most common method is by hanging. I fear of their death. Just a letter (though till last year, a number) is all it takes to differenciate life and death now.

I don't honestly care of my result. If I do good, obviously Non-medical (I do not intend a job in engineering or some such to be precise!) and if not that I'd take Humanities (I could make it as a writer or a comic actress at least). I know totally complex. However, I do NOT intend to be a corporate and/or work 9 to 5 in the same pathetic office under the same ugly boss on the same desk with the same machine. I want to make my living, but only for my two time bread and butter.

Whatever, fail or pass, there's always a tomorrow. Just we got to live to see it.


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