Friday, May 7

Playing for Change

So we all love music... right? And that music can reach through boundaries... right? Taking both they made some really good stuff and it's called Playing for a Change.

Like musicians from war affected countries play songs... folk and famous. And trust me, they're not some street performers, but actually talented musicians. Over 60 countries with a developing economy, not very upright polotical and social scenario and over 100 musicians (and some REALLY famous ones) are singing, playing and it's a grunge. Like a patchwork of various cultures.

All the time there's a different feeling. Combining various techniques to make something so... so soothing and unique and tranquil something like peace itself. And for a moment you ask yourself... "if the music doesn't mind co-existing, then why don't we?"

Like my personal favourite is this certain Tula in the chanda mama video from Tel Aviv and another Stefano Tomaselli. Italian and a great sax player! David Broza from Tel Aviv too very very very amazing guitarist. Yeah and the coolest thing is that reggae and classic music make an awesome combination.

You might have heard some of them before, but I personally reccomend you to listen to the Playing for Change versions too. You'll see the difference and appreciate it.

Oh that, and don't forget to visit their website cuz that's where you know how can you help the moment.

Now they've gone to Nepal too.

You can make a donation, stand for the cause, encourage peace and music, and well a lot. Really, we're all tired of War and need no more trouble.



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