Sunday, January 16

Death: A Dear Friend

A very morbid title. Isn't it? Nay, not so.

 By the way, Hello Everyone! Hope that I've reached you all in good health and good time. I don't have much free time these days, and definitely no time to mourn, my life these days is a total celebration, full of jive, color, love and music. No time to look at all that makes me sad but then again it's the perfection of thought that is imperfect, and that brought me to this simple communicating device.

A Very Romantic Death
 About death, really the thought isn't frightening. What are we going towards? Why are we aging? What is closing to our ends? It's the same dear friend that has followed us time and time again, warning to touch us at a certain time, till when we are alive. But nothing lasts forever, why is it so frightening to feel something so real after which there will be no feeling left?

I somehow tend to talk openly about the topic of death, and hence, am taken to be a depressionist. But that's rather a realist statement. Nothing is so real and so true as death for it is destined to meet us in a good time and at a good day. There's nothing depressing about it. Nothing is so fearful as death because that's the basis for every fear is death itself. For example, fear of dark prevails as there might be death closing by anytime unaware, the fear of thunder because you never know where it might strike. So like death itself. But the angel of death is our everyday companion. Even when a stranger has assured no harm, the fear of death always remains to be and the fictious world of reality seems to be dreamier than a dream.

Many a times we complain how nothing is going right in our lives. But yet we are too frightened when death shows it's presence. No matter nothing may be right in out lives, our love for life is just as great as our complains from it. We want to rise time and time again to a bliss that we still exist. No person, no matter how much of a daredevil remains so after they have felt that the hand of death lies nearer than the cellphones in their pockets.

Is there a life after death? But then again, is there a life before death?

Many mythologies (Aryan, Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian) talk about a life after death. The Egyptians left the riches as they might come in handy in the life after death. Some others talk about a cycle of life and death going hand in hand. We are born the moment we died. And hence in this life, we only survive.

The angel of death roams behind us in the loneliest of our times, it's hand intervening with that of God, possessing our time, all that is there and all that is not. Leaving little to imagination, it isn't cruel or brutal, it is just doing it's job. It is ensuring that we live each and everymoment as it comes. The only music in my life yet is a lecture and the colors come from the covers of textbooks. But I celebrate each moment as it comes. Smiling and thanking God for each breathe I take. I don't leave the few joys to be done till tomorrow: apologising if I have offended anyone, accepting a grace, giving a smile, thanking anyone to whom I am to say so...

I belive that thanks to the fact that there is a death, I live and love my life as it comes. Now as I risk the fact of choking on the delicious food put up in front of me (by the grace of my dear mother) I bid farewell to everyone. Much love!
Peace out!


  1. gaana achha hai ye! ;)

  2. You claim that life is a celebration. I've heard that same thing a million times. People believing that we should rejoice at the funerals of our loved ones because it's not supposed to be a farewell or bidding of adieu to a long companion, but rather a celebration of his/her life. In all honesty, the more I hear it the more I disagree with it. Life, in my opinion, is working your ass to the bone to leave something behind. Do people leave anything behind after they die? Perhaps, memories. But what happens when the last person with those memories dies? Then nothing is left behind? Is it possible that there are seven billion people in the world right now, and in less than 100 years, maybe 10 billion people will die? Why do some people live to be 100 when others die at young ages? These are the thoughts that run through my mind and prevent me from thinking life is a celebration or something meant for us to enjoy.
    So you could be thinking, if life isn't meant to be enjoyable then why are we living? We haven't we all just killed ourselves? But let me ask you this. Why do we go to work every day? The average person hates his job. He'll give you every reason under the sun as to why he dislikes it.
    >My pay is too low.
    >My boss is a dick.
    >My co-workers are assholes.
    >I'm too old for this shit.
    But day after day, they return. Whats the incentive? Sometimes, you do things you don't enjoy because it's expected of you. People are expected to go to school, get an education, live a nice long life and die of old age when you finally reach an old age. But is that what God has intended for us?
    Onto God, the merciful, loving and generous man. He gives us life. And he gives some people the time of their lives. They go have fun, make friends, enjoy themselves and don't experience too many hardships in their lives. But he throws shit at other people. He tests them. He kills the people they love. He makes sure that destiny somehow pushes them into the wrong place at the wrong time so they can be stuck in a certain situation where no matter how hard they try to prove their innocence or intentions, everyone will blame them. And then he waits. He waits to see if the tested people will praise his name. To see if they will bless him and ask for their blessing. And if he receives a lifetime of prayers they can rest and live with him in the afterlife. And if not, they can burn in hell. Not something to rejoice about. Reminds me of that Randy Newman song called "God's Song".
    Now, onto the afterlife, how fucking preposterous is that idea? Don't get me wrong. I want to believe it. I want to believe so bad that one day I will be reunited with the people I love. But its a ludicrous idea. My idea of heaven may not be your idea of heaven because its all subjective! To a fat man, an idea of heaven is a buffet or giant meal. To an athletic man, an idea of heaven is a bicycle ride that spans for miles and miles. To a muslim man an idea of heaven is 72 virgins. To a muslim woman an idea of heaven is being somewhere far away from muslim men.
    Its all ridiculous. The only life we have is the life here on Earth. Which is why, we have to make something of our own that is concrete and will outlive us. And thats what life is. Making something that will outlive yourself. Cheating destiny and the obstacles God throws your way and making something. I know it seems vague. I could turn that thought into a 200 page essay but I don't think even I would want to read that.
    Anyway, to sum it all up. I don't even know. Life sucks. Make what you want out of it. I don't feel a right to always be happy or to actually celebrate life because well, I don't think I deserve it. That's not what I was put here for. I was born to be tested. And thats what drives me. This is what gives me ambition. If I become happy and satisfied, then nothing will get done and the only thing that will be left of me when I die is memories.
    I am not alpha. I am not beta. I am simply Gamma.

    1. Gamma, was a pleasure having read that. Pardon me for a late reply. But I believe there's some sensitivity to it.

      Here's a fact: There's a universe, it's expanding, spreading it's wings out, to create more room for more event. Here's an insignificant planet, and interdependence in ignorance. Here's everything that one wants and does not.

      What I see death, is that... it happened because it had to, because the purpose is fulfilled, because futility has been done. Life, even misery is a gift, because it happened, it's an event in an ever expanding universe and it's something that keeps it going. For it's own sake, I think it deserves love.

      Having said that, I'd love a 200 page essay. :)

      Life sucks. But that's good enough to live by. At the end of it, you're breathing, so frown about or wear a grin. Choice is yours.

      Muchos amor!


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