Monday, November 8

When you don't really belong here

Hey all... The displaced frequency's leading a demented life, torn between the atrocities of pains and pleasures. But life still goes on, I gotta get used to living without, living without, living without you by my side.... I don't wanna live alone! baby can't you see? Damn, been ages since I ever heard of that song from the queen, and I still know the lyrics. I bet I can still play it. Queen... Freddie Mercury? You know what? You don't really belong here! Nobody'd give a flying fudge if you would or you wouldn't exist! It's just your demented songs and your voice that makes us miss you. We don't really care.

Sorry mates, got carried away... but that's the most important lesson in life. You live, you die, but in the end who cares? No one does mates. It's only you for yourselves. As I'm for me.

This is a short note from the displaced frequency, a reminder that we do and don't exist.


  1. for how long? a few days? a few months? a few years? then everything ends and there you are....

  2. don't know about the others but i have a really good memory and i always remember people who did really GIANT favors to me..NEVER SHALL I FORGET THEE...

  3. ya life is all about being oneself honestly. I insist on word honest. love you and proud on you naanu

  4. ehhh...that's something true!.....well,life ain't a stagnant goes on and so does the people change!


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